Digital Marketing Mistakes That We Commonly Do

Digital Marketing Mistakes That We Commonly Do

  “To err is Human”. The phrase from great Alexander Pope works well with human everyday and everytime. It’s a human tendency to make mistakes and[Read more…]

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“To err is Human”. The phrase from great Alexander Pope works well with human everyday and everytime. It’s a human tendency to make mistakes and to learn from the errors previously done. Today in this article we will be looking at some of the mistakes that we Humans usually do working as a Digital Marketer.

Marketing a product or service is not an easy task as it seems sometimes. You have to work on each and every factor with minute details to get the desired output. Working on my Digital company in Gurgaon, I found the following mistakes that a Digital Marketer could do.

  1. Not Having a Marketing Plan Beforehand

Marketing includes various steps and procedures and each of them is crucially required. Leaving behind even a single detail in the beginning could take your whole marketing scheme into a big zero.

The planning process should be the first step for every marketing scheme. Each aspect should be clearly mentioned with every penny of cost associated with it which reduces the risk for monetary failures at the end.

  1. Choosing Quantity Over Quality

The foremost thing for the Marketing campaign should be to build a good customer base instead of visitor base. To reach the right person with a demand which your product or service can actually satisfy.

  1. Going in The Wrong Direction

It will take much of your time and hard work before you start to see the results. Some people do not wait for that right time and go with the wrong side of marketing. Buying followers, subscribers or visitors to your website will not do any good for you.

You will end up with fake profiles that don’t even bother about your products. Instead of going for such wrong paths, try to work with same determination and you will see the results soon. We ourself have built the best digital marketing company in NCR that gives more emphasis to reality and not just showing off.


  1. Not knowing The Actual Demand of End Customer

You can’t just market anything to anyone before knowing what your end customer actually needs. You should have the knowledge about the group or individuals you are reaching within your domain. Else you will just force people to try something that they are not interested in anyway. So focussing on the user demands should always be in your priority list.

Some Final Thoughts

These were some common mistakes that could be seen in Digital Marketing projects. Keeping a track on these key points will surely lead to a good overall Marketing results and could provide better conversion rates on your report sheets.

Marketing strategies usually follow the Pesticide Paradox which states that If the same tests are repeated over and over again, eventually the same test cases will no longer find new results.”

Thus for getting more and more positive results, you need to try as much possible strategies you can, preventing even of any minor mistake that can ruin the project. Hopefully this guide will help you in your Digital Marketing Campaigns.



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