Colleges – Colleges Management System with Website

With the use of college management software,almost all departments with in education industry(e.g.admission,administration,timetable,examination,HR,finance etc)can be synchronised and accessed.It can easily bridge the gap between faculties and parents by allowing parents online access to view child’s progress,attendance,grades etc.


  • Multiple Collage Management
  • Student Information
  • Employee Information
  • Fees Management
  • Time table Management
  • Course Management
  • AICTE Reports
  • HR & Payroll
  • Alumni Management
  • ID-Card Management
  • Certificates and Documents Management
  • Transport Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Dashboard
  • SMS/Email Integration
  • Event Management



College software installation doc

*A web server that can execute PHP

*A password-protected MySQL database server connection, and a database on which the user of the connection has full permissions rights(i.e.SELECT,DROP,CREATE and UPDATE)

*PHP5.4.0 or later

*PHP must be run as the same system user that owns the directory
where software will be installed.


For the impatient,here is a basic outline of the installation process,which need to collect a little information before we can get your application

up and running:

1. Move/Upload software to the web directory of your choice.

2. Create a new single MySQL database for software to store all its tables.

3. Browse to the software folder and you will be redirected to the software requirement checker is display details of Minimum requirements by software.
If your your server configuration not satisfies please solved problem before installing software else click to install button.

4. Next,you should be taken to the install. php script,which will lead you through creating a`config/db.php File with create MySQL database and then setting up software,Creating an admin user account and institute set up etc.

5. You are now ready to use software.


For manual installation used only when software won’t create the database for you, this has to bed one manually before you can access it, which need to go

Following step to done:

1. Move/Upload software to the web directory of your choice.

2. Create a new single MySQL database for software to store all its tables.

3. Import software database into`application Path/database`.

If you wish you install sample data please upload software-sample-db.sql

Other wise upload software-empty-db.sql.

if application Path/config folder has db-sample.php

4. Goto`application Path/config`and rename file`db-sample.php`to `db.php`


5. Edit the file`application Path/config/db.php`with real data,for example:

6. Next,you will be redirected to welcome/login page. If you upload sample-database will be redirect login page Other wise redirect welcome page and then setting up software,creating an admin user account and institute setup etc.

7. You are nowready to use software.

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